Welcome to our website.  We hope you will enjoy seeing our Belgians and learning about our goals and philosophy.

We have had Belgian Sheepdogs since 1982.  After growing up showing horses, first Quarter Horses and then very extensively Arabians, the appeal of the Belgian Sheepdog was an easy choice.  The beauty, intelligence, and  athleticism of the Belgian and the Arabian are very similar.

We live with our dogs as much loved members of our family.  Our friends often remark that when they die, they want to come back as one of our dogs!

We are currently including several of the beautiful European pedigrees into our breeding plans.  It is very exciting to research how the strong points of a new line can blend with the established pedigree that we already have.  When planning a future breeding, our first consideration in health.  And as carefully as a person can research health histories, we all know that an issue can mysteriously appear in a puppy that we have no idea of where it came from.  As breeders, we try to make as educated a decision as we possibly can.  Temperment is also very important in the decision making, as is type and structure.  We spend months and months planning for our future puppies.

At the present time, we have several young bitches with exciting show careers ahead of them.  If you see us at a show, please do come by to meet our girls and to visit.  Also, please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.