We are considered “selective breeders”, meaning we don’t breed often, but when we do have a litter, it is for a specific reason.  Perhaps we are looking for more side movement, or a harsher coat, or a shorter ear, etc.  We try to pick a sire and a dam who compliment each other in strengths and weaknesses. The arrival of each litter is with the hopes of the betterment of the breed.  The mark of a good breeding is to produce puppies, who are more outstanding than their parents.

Our puppies are raised by our puppy guru, Don and Nancy May.  They loves our babies and provide total enrichment at every stage of development.  Our puppies are exposed to social situations that lead to happy, well adjusted adults.

The important thing to remember is to go to a reliable, conscientious breeder for your Belgian puppy.  With a good breeder, the difference between a companion puppy and a show puppy can be as slight as a little darker eye or a little shorter ear.  You will be rewarded with a wonderful new family member.