Icelyn Name Plate.png

CH La Neige's Icing on the Cake

at Legacy

multi Best Of Opposite Sex
AKC Brace Group Winner

2011 BOS, BOW, WB, 1st Open Bitch Seminole KC(1)
2011 2nd Mid-Continent KC of Tulsa(1)
2011 RWB,1st Open Bitch Mid-Continent KC of Tulsa(2)
2011 RWB, 1st Open Bitches Texas Kennel Club
2011 BOW, WB, 1st Open Bitches Trinity Valley Kennel Club
2011 2nd Open Bitches Greater Colling Kennel Club
2012 BOS,WB,1st Open Bitches Wichita KC(1)
2012 WB, 1st Open Bitches Hutchinson Kennel Club
2012 RWB,1st Open Bitches Seminole Kennel Club(1)
2012 WB,1st Open Bitches Seminole Kennel Club(2)
2012 WB,1st Open Bitches Sunflower KC of Olathe KS(1&2)
2012 Group 1 Brace w La Neige's Once In A Blue Moon
Mid-Continent KC of Tulsa(1)
2012 1st Open Bitches Mid-Continent KC of Tulsa(1&2)